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uploaded 3 months ago


So I managed to get this one redumped (I was aiming for Bakushow Ban, though! Tragic!), and it basically matches the current ROM... well, I suppose that'd be easy to see, but verification is still verification.

I figured to spend some time on this one and record some assorted gameplay for Youtube. This should give at least a general guideline as to how this version is compared to the US "Wario's Woods". I suspect "Bakushow Ban" is also cut from the same cloth, so to speak, except with those Bakushow Mondai cameos, and seemingly some minigames...

Also, some trivia time! I bet a lot of people are wondering who that female character in the Puzzle mode is. She has a resemblance to a certain BS-X female avatar as illustrated in the BS-X manual:

Strange, since there's barely any similarities with the in-game sprite at all! There also doesn't seem to be any representative for the male avatar character, either. Huh...

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
It makes it easier to place the intro PYPYBM1 made on the footage. :P