[PICO] NHKおかあさんといっしょ ドレミファど~なっつ! あそびいっぱい うたいっぱい! | Do-Re-Mi-Fa Donuts Asobi Ippai Uta Ippai!
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uploaded 3 months, 1 week ago

It kinda nearly slipped my mind that there was a second Do-Re-Mi-Fa Do~nuts Pico game. Oops. Actually, technically this may be considered the first one. Or "The Bandai-made one", to disambiguate it from the other game. (The other NHK Okaasan to Ishho games were made by Sega.)

This one has less arts and crafts, and is more music and minigame-oriented. So kinda more like a standard Pico game than the previous one.