[Terebikko] Mario to Yoshi no Bouken Land (Let's PLAY it!) | [てれびっこ遊ぼう] マリオとヨッシーの冒険ランド
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uploaded 3 months, 1 week ago

I got an ACTUAL Terebikko now, and in this video I am using it to play Mario to Yoshi no Bouken Land the way it was meant to be played!

As I do so, I make some notes about how the Terebikko works, along with other interesting commentary!

I hope to make this a sort of series of videos! I got a few other Terebikko VHS tapes as noted earlier, but in particular I am curious about testing the Terebikko against Mattel Speak n' Say videos.

Edit 1: Okay, I did get question 1 wrong fair and square. XP

Anyway, before anyone asks, the audio is captured from the VCR via capture card rather than the Terebikko itself - it has no audio out besides it's own speakers, so capturing the audio from the Terebikko itself would not work well. This is why you hear all the audio as on the tape wuth nothing muted or moved between speakers.