NND Videos combined - BSゼルダ第1週 | BS Zelda Dai-1-wa
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famicom The Bs Legend أسطورة ゼルダの伝説 link Zelda Map 1 BS Zelda no Densetsu زيلدا super サテラビュー Densetsu Niconico of 전설 snes The Legend of Zelda Bs X 슈퍼 任天堂公認 Bsx BS Zelda 任天堂 nes Super Nintendo Nintendo 컴보이 оф BSゼルダの伝説 the Zelda no Densetsu Легенд 젤다의 ニコニコ動画 legend Satellaview no BSゼルダ Super Famicom sfc Зелда zelda 塞爾達傳說 add | 31 Views

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(EDIT: I've attempted to add the transcripts and translations from the BS Zelda Homepage.
Unfortunately they are not well synced, but it's a start.)

A bit of a video experiment.

This is the three videos that were archived from NicoNicoDouga which have BS Zelda Dai-1-wa Gameplay Footage.


They are all combined for easier viewing.