We created a VIDEO SITE to troll with YOUTUBE ALT COMMUNITY
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uploaded 2 weeks, 4 days ago

So yeah... I finally made a Vlare account... For this... I will probably start uploading videos soon if i feel like it. Also on Vlare: https://vlare.tv/v/qf2qVdLs

Don't harass anyone in the video!
If there is enough demand, I will upload a second episode going into more details in the Discord community and their reaction to the troll site we made

link to site: https://kovideo.xyz
why KoVideo is better than Vlare or YouTube: https://kovideo.xyz/video/8/

0:00 Coming up
0:40 Intro
1:44 What's wrong with YouTube
2:52 Introduction to the Discord server
3:55 My involvement in the community in the past (boring)
4:39 The birth of KoVideo