[PICO] ドナルドのテレビショー | "Donald no Terebii Show" for Pico
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Daisy sega キッズコンピュータピコ Kids Communication Pico キッズコンピューター・ピコ new Emulator ドナルドのテレビショー Kids game Louie セガ Sega 피코 セガトイズ Huey system console Disney Computer キッズコミュニケーションピコ Kids Computer Pico Sega Pico Donald classic ピコ pico Donald Duck (Film Character) Duck Emulation Pico Dewey Sega Toys add | 1 View

uploaded 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Another Japanese-exclusive Disney title, this has a slew of Donald Duck minigames themed around him being the centerpiece of a whole TV Network.

The graphics and music have a nice amount of polish - It's certainly one of the better looking Pico games. The Minigames feature some things I have no clue how to play as well as some hiragana/katakana-themed quizzes. Which I didn't even really bother trying to play all that hard.

Sorry folks, no sign of Scrooge on the Moon anywhere yet.