[PICO] レースにでようよ! ケンちゃんとペペ ぼくのクルマで大ぼうけん
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Sega Emulator new Drive Kids Communication Pico ぼくのクルマで大ぼうけん キッズコンピュータピコ sega Kids Computer Pico Sega Pico キッズコミュニケーションピコ Computer system console セガ セガトイズ Drive Pico Computer Hardware (Industry) ケンちゃんとペペ puppy game キッズコンピュータ pico ピコ classic dog レースにでようよ! ドライブピコ Sega Toys Kids Pico Emulation キッズコンピューターピコ add | 30 Views

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| "Race ni Deyou yo! Ken-chan to Pepe Boku no Kuruma de Daibouken" for Pico

Another Drive Pico Ken-chan and Pepe adventure. This one actually seems to be fairly in-depth and tries to push the Pico hardware a tad. Alongside the minigame stuff is an overarching "plot" of sorts involving collecting powerup pieces for entering a race.