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Video creation is a hard task that requires tons of time and dedication. Since time is a limited resource, people like to be compensated for the hours they spend creating the quality content that millions enjoy watching (and rightfully so). For that reason, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort developing our monetization system. We will detail the ideas and the math behind them in the following post.

Why we don’t believe in ads..

Not only are ads annoying to the end user and lead to a bad user experience, they are also inefficient (since most of the audience blocks them anyway). The YouTube adpocalypse has shown that there is also another huge problem with ads: Advertisers are very picky about the content they want to advertise on. Content that is unsafe for the end user or may be considered as offensive (even in the smallest sense) is usually disregarded as “non monetization-friendly”. This sucks. We believe that every content people enjoy watching can be monetized.

A new hope

For the reasons we’ve listed above, we are using a custom made patreon-esque type of monetization system. We call it “Creator Support” and it is based on our “Creator Support Algorithm”.
It works like this: People that would like to support the content they are watching volunteer a certain amount of money, which is then fairly split among the creators that they have spent the most time watching.
In return, the viewer receives site-wide access to pre-released videos. A pre-released video yields 300% the creator support cut when watched compared to a regular video.

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